Since Calavera is in limbo. Some of you guys may be hesitant to venture over to La Costa. Here's quick and dirty trail guide for you.

Standard Ski/MTB Area Trail Ratings:

Green = Easy

Blue = Moderate

Black = Expert

Red = Closed or Extreme Danger

Zone 1. Fire Station and La Costa Canyon. Just be cautious of hikers here. Fun, easy and flat. Back in the day there was epic cliff jumping down in the canyon. That's no longer. Fire station is right there (emergencies).

Zone 2. Denk Mtn Peak. (Dee where did your flag go?) Sunset Viewing Area. Easiest Way Down is Horned Lizard, Easiest Climb is also Horned Lizard. This climb and descent is still tech. Pre run all the downs first. Switchbacks is chunky, tech and fun. Lots of pedaling as well, great climb with tech turns and some really challenging sections that are great to session. NASCAR is expert only and Directional Down but hikers do climb it, they know the deal and will move and watch you crash. The last trail down is Forbidden Trail or Whiptail. It's a good cardio climb and descent with some tech sections, have water doing this one in the summer it gets HOT!

Zone 3. Is the Dump Parking area, you can access a nice perimeter loop from here. Just watch out for the toxic yellow puddles below the old dump. Dump Climb is a great grind. No way out... So be advised. There is a shrine/memorial mid way up. Don't know the story here but be respectful.

Zone 4. This is the the old Copper Creek and mine area. Stay off the damn and don't play in the water. No DOGS! CNLM is really serious about dogs in this area.

Trails are dusty and firm most days. The sun bakes down on you everywhere. Snakes are common. Lots of hikers during the standard busy times, have a trail bell. It holds water well after a rain. Lots of little secret zones that are fun and legal. Group rides on Tuesday and Thursday. The leaders may chime in, they may not.

Don't ABUSE this place and thanks to CNLM along with some unnamed local legends for making it awesome.


lacosta map.png