Multi Use Trails Preserve Calavera

Recreation on public land requires a bit of management, this is why local, state and federal government has dedicated agencies that focus on recreation management, the carrying capacity of the recreation area and protecting the wildlife.

City of Carlsbad Managed Calavera Trails and the Volcano on CHER CDFW Land

City of Carlsbad Managed Calavera Trails and the Volcano on CHER CDFW Land

Throughout history, we have seen good and bad examples of management by both the public and private sector. We need to focus on the successful examples and learn from the mistakes we have made. That is one of the main goals of the Calavera Trail Coalition. To focus on good examples of sustainable and multi use trails. This means we build good trails, that put the habitat and the ecosystem needs right alongside the needs of those recreating on the land.

Every sport or group has their own specific needs and interests, in  a multi use scenario we have to take all of these situations into consideration and balance them with multiple factors. Including liability, environmental impacts and trail crowding. A proper plan is needed to manage the flow of recreation, keep people safe and allowing them to enjoy nature but also get maximum value out of the experience.

This also means that the will of a few should not impede on the majority. Hard core trail riders can’t dominate the area, hardcore environmentalists can’t shut a place down for their own personal gain. Hikers must follow the trails and respect the land. It’s all a balance, and if everyone works together, the result is years of enjoyment for all!

Please help the Calavera Trail Coalition and the organizations fighting for this land.

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