Calavera Trails Coalition Action Plan

Click HERE to view the PDF presentation for Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve.

Recap of Meeting:

Calavera Trails Coalition is focusing on a community supported effort to update the Law on CHER that states Bikes are illegal.

In order to do this we need to focus on the Environment first as stated by Reserve Status. Next we need work groups like Preserve Calavera, Bird Watching Groups, Hikers, Dog Walkers and Other interested parties to develop a Management plan that is agreed on by everyone.

The plan is a multi phase roll out of a legal network of trails for Multi Use, Specific Use and close down trails that of no use to anyone. MTB trails are our groups priority and we are working with local riders and builders to get the best solution. (when the time comes the final trail plan will be a team effort we just need to get to that point with the process)

Our timeline is aggressive and we are pushing to get a plan proposed to the Fish and Game commission by August.

As we progress and get indications that the plan will be implemented by the Commission we will begin doing work as allowed by CDFW.

What you can do now. Continue to support the efforts.

Our stance on Riding CHER. It's illegal per the law. You can make your own choices on that aspect. Until there is a management plan in place with designated trails no one aside from the CDFW Wardens have authority.

We will have more a more updated recap, this is just the quick version.

It should be noted that plan b is, if this fails we return to situation normal...

Calavera Trails